Monday, November 28, 2011

Podcasting for teaching English.

There are a number of podcast programs for language learning. Unlike TV or radio, podcast has more benefits to use regardless of time and money. In language teaching, teachers can use podcast for students to learn accurate pronunciation of the words and intonation from native speakers which may be the hardest part to learn in any level of students. Besides, students can feel more interested and motivated in learning through podcast since they can listen many times and practice outside of classroom as well. They can save the files to their mp3 devices and listen to it as they listen to music.

To use podcast in my EFL classroom, I explored ESL Pod which has a lot of English language sources from words to American culture. Among them, I chose ESL Podcast 732- Preferring Different work styles. Since it is very short to listen, I do not need to use it as main lesson. After teaching the main lesson about job, I will use this podcast for students to listen and talk about different work style in pairs or in groups. First of all, I would explain some difficult expressions and then, I would ask students to do role-play using the script. Finally, I would ask them to discuss preferring different work styles so that they could express their opinions. In ESL classroom, we can compare work styles in different countries so that students also could broaden cultural views.  


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Maryanne said...

You have woven the podcast very nicely into your lesson on jobs. It would complement the other activities well.